This is a site made for dog lovers, by dog lovers. It is a hub of information, discussion and great products that pet owners can use to ensure their canine companions are as happy and healthy as they can possibly be – and I’m very proud to welcome you!

The Site

This site is dedicated to offering dog owners everything they could possibly need when it comes to giving their pets the best lives possible. No doubt you love your dog to bits but equally important is having the right knowledge, so that you can understand the needs and wants of your furry friend. This site will act as your resource and a place where you can find new ways to connect with your pooch, as well as to share ideas and tips with other owners.

On the site, you’ll find a regularly updated blog filled with tips and advice as well as lifestyle posts and fun discussions. These are things that every dog owner can benefit from or at least relate to!

We also have information on dog training (one of the surprising secrets to a happy dog – and an in-tact sofa!), reviews of products and advice on choosing the right dog food. Dog nutrition is something I believe is particularly important and it’s all too easy to just buy the most affordable product on the shelf.

About Chris

My name is Chris Kula and I’m about the biggest dog lover you’re ever likely to come across…

jenny-garden662Of course, I have two dogs of my own and that’s really where the idea for this site started. My dogs are a perky yorkie called Jenny and an absolutely adorable black lab called Pepper. Jenny definitely calls the shots and is incredibly cute in a scruffy kind of way – she gets all the attention when we’re out on walks! Pepper meanwhile is the prototypical labrador – full of life and joy and always wanting to play. She’s also loyal to a fault. The two of them make a great team and they bring me endless hours of comfort, happiness and laughter.

My dogs give me so much, that I wanted to make sure I was doing the best I could for them. So I started scouring the web for advice on training, on nutrition and on psychology. What I was surprised to find though, was that there wasn’t as much easily accessible information as I’d hoped. It’s out there sure but a lot of the sites are a little outdated and rather dense.

I did a lot of research in preparation for building this site and I’ve learned a huge amount about my pets. I now have a much better idea how to make sure I’m doing the best things for them and sometimes what I’ve learned has come as a bit of a surprise.

On this blog, it is my aim to share all of that information in an easy-to-read and entertaining format so that more people can start taking the best possible care of their dogs and learning about what marvelous creatures they really are.